OS X overview

About your Mac
Use accessibility features, Set up users on your Mac, Customize your Mac in System Preferences, Search with Spotlight, Use Notification Center, Focus on apps in full screen or Split View, Apps included with your Mac, Get to know the desktop.

Connect to the Internet
With Instant Hotspot, With Ethernet, With Wi-Fi.

Mac and iOS working together
Store documents with iCloud Drive, Pick up where you left off with Handoff, Use AirDrop to send files to devices near you, When iOS devices are nearby, Set up iCloud on your Mac, What is iCloud?.

Connect with family, friends, and colleagues
Use your Mac to make phone calls, Add your Internet accounts, Set up Family Sharing.

Music, movies, photos, and books
Burn CDs and DVDs, Make music in GarageBand, Use iMovie to import, edit, and share movies, Use iTunes to play music, movies, and more.

Create and print documents
Scan images or documents, Print documents, Use tags to organize files, See your files in the Finder, Take pictures of the screen, Save documents, Create documents.

Passwords, updates, and security
Protect your Mac from malware, Back up with Time Machine, Install, update, and uninstall apps, Keep your Mac up to date, Reset a login password, Understand passwords.

Mac hardware and accessories
Use AirPlay to see your desktop on an HDTV, Connect a display, Use the built-in camera, Turn the volume up or down, Use a trackpad or mouse.

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